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Selling Season in Central Florida

Huffington Post posted an article about peak seasons for house hunters throughout the US. According to the article, buyers' online search for homes in Florida peaks in January & February. Makes sense since a lot of the country is tucked in their homes for the Winter and day dreaming of warmer climates. Having lived in Rhode Island for 30 years, I remember the days well - sometimes even fondly.

What I have found as a Realtor selling in the Orlando area is that the buying season in Florida never ends. We do find more snowbirds (people who live in FL during the Fall & Winter and go back North for the Spring and Summer) purchasing in the Winter months, but ultimately the sales season in Florida never ends.

The climate and desire to relocate to the area assures us a steady selling season. There is never a bad time to list in Florida. Buyer traffic is steady and diverse. Our markets include primary home owners, second home owners, investors - rental and flip, vacation homeowners, etc. About 1/3 of all transactions are cash and we have a melting pot of domestic and foreign buyers; the bulk of which hailing from Canada, Brazil, the UK & China currently.

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