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Selling With OpenDoor: Convenience comes with a cost.



The real life example below shows the difference in value by selling your home with a corporation like OfferPad or OpenDoor versus selling with a REALTOR.

Here is an online offer received on a home in Minneola, FL

Their Offer and estimated net

After reviewing comparable sales for this same home, and using a conservative estimate of value, if listed with a REALTOR, this same home would sell for $205,000.  Again, this is a conservative figure.  Top of market would be $216,000.  In pricing alone, that is a difference of $24,854.  Over $24,000 lost simply by deciding to take the convenient route.  

This is one of many examples of what could be lost by using a corporation that offers convenience and ease rather than listing a home with a REALTOR who will get you more money and provide a personal touch.  

There are times when selling to corporations like OpenDoor or OfferPad are justified (like if you're in a financial bind and pressed for time), but selling your home to these companies could end up costing you thousands, even tens of thousands, in the long run.  Don't make that commitment without talking to us first. We'd be glad to provide a second opinion at no cost to you and with no obligation.  Simply complete this form or give us a call at 352-404-5085.   

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