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Video: Orlando Metro Market Update for the week of June 15-21, 2020

Hey. How are you today? Hope you had a great weekend. Dad's, I hope you had a good weekend my husband work yesterday but when he got home and got some steaks on the grill and cocktails and conversation outdoors and it was a very nice evening.  

But you are here for market stats. June 15th through June 21st provided by Stellar MLS for the areas that Vantage Point Realty serves in the Orlando metro area. 
I am Lisa Jones, broker and owner of Vantage Point Realty. Here we go with those stats.  
Active listings 359 up from 332 the week before. 
Pending sale took a wicked leap 549 over 457 the week before that is wonderful news because pending homes become sold homes and sold homes are very good for our communities. 
Sold homes last week 273 up from 246. I expect that to increase as we come to the end of the month next week I believe and so we'll see that number increase as well. 
In the meantime, a few days ago, rates were at the lowest they have been since 1971. Mortgage rates are at almost a 50-year low. This is absolutely insane. It is insanely wonderful because folks that need to refi might want to go ahead and get that done now and folks that are in the market to buy a home, these rates are really great and they should definitely be taken advantage of if they can be. 
Price impacts have passed. When this first started people were a little bit scared obviously and sometimes when we are scared we act out of fear and unfortunately I believe a few homes sold for less than what they could have when this all started. However prices are stable and in some areas and some price points they are increasing as well. 
If you want information about buying or selling a home or more in-depth market data I am here to help, absolutely. I am more than happy to answer questions and give you the information you need to make an informed decision. In the meantime that's about all I have for now I hope you have a wonderful day. I hope you have a great week and I look forward to giving you another update next week. See you later. Bye. 
A quick snapshot of real estate activity in the Orlando metro area including sections of Orange and Lake Counties; specifically the 34711, 34714, 34729, 34734, 34736, 34753, 34715, 34756, 34761, 32819, 32806-32836, 34786, and 34787 zip codes.
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