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Video: Orlando Metro Market Update for the week of June 22-28, 2020


Hey there. The end of the month is almost here. It's nearly July. Kind of crazy how time can move so fast and kind of stand still all at once right now. I feel like, you know, time like everything else is just really kind of messed up. But your here for market stats.
I'm Lisa Jones, broker and owner of Vantage Point Realty coming to bring you market stats for the O​​rlando metro areas that Vantage Point Realty serves. This data is provided by Stellar MLS and it's for the week of June 22-28. 
Active listings 342 down from 359 the week before. 
Pending sales 505. Down from 549. We just started reaching the 500 mark and that has been very encouraging. Hoping this little dip is just a blip and not an indicator of sales starting to dip. 
Sold listings last week 305 vs 273 the week before.  Kind of anticipated with the end of the month coming up. We'll see what happens next week.
I am going to be a little late getting you your weekly update next week but it is xoming. It will just be a couple days later than you anticipate. 
This resurgence with the virus and these record numbers that we've been recording, I believe could possibly hinder the real estate growth that we've been seeing. I suspect that some people that were on the fence and getting ready to come to the market, whether as a buyer or seller ,might be a little bit more cautious about doing that.  So I do suspect that numbers are going to drop a smidge for the next couple/few weeks as  we try and get this more under control and get those numbers down. 
Hoping I'm wrong as far as  my predictions for the real estate market with this resurgence of the virus but only time will tell. It's just a prediction and it's only my prediction. I'm no great economist or anything like that but a lot of things I suspected would happen, have happened. We'll see.  I'm not trying to toot my own horn or anything, just sharing a prediction.
Alright guys, I'm going to cut this short before I keep rambling at the mouth.
If there's any questions you have, any information you're looking for, I'm more than happy to share that with you. I am definitely here to help and I look forward to seeing you next week. 

A quick snapshot of real estate activity in the Orlando metro area including sections of Orange and Lake Counties; specifically the 34711, 34714, 34729, 34734, 34736, 34753, 34715, 34756, 34761, 32819, 32806-32836, 34786, and 34787 zip codes.

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